Why I never take a day off...


Day 19 of 40: 


And just to be clear I'm the middle of a 40 day adventure into mind, body, and spirit. This is something I designed to prepare for a major tour happening in 2019...

OK, listen up… This photo is for anyone who might’ve had some crazy/dumb idea that Drew Davidsen was going to take a day off... and yes I know it’s Christmas Eve. 

Yes I will take time to reflect today. On the goodness of God. On the fact that he sent His Son to die for me so I can live a new life. 

I’m very blessed to be having dinner tonight with my friends John Tompkinsand his family. Sara Tompkins 

These are dear friends and beautiful roll models for how to live and walk with Christ. 

And, I want to get back to the point of this post. You will never accomplish a big dream/goal if you take a day off. 

And I don’t mean that you can’t intentionally set aside time to rest, recuperate, and reflect. 

However, I believe it must be intentional. Everything you do must be intentional if you are to reach your goals/dreams. Even if your intention is to relax and enjoy yourself. What ever that looks like. 

I have found that lots of musicians/artists/creative types resist actually creating and scheduling their life. They feel as though it robs them of their creativity and their spur of the moment side of life. And what I found is quite the opposite I have found that the more scheduled and created my life is the more free and at home I am. The more I actually get to be creative and to be at the spur of the moment when I get the urge! 

I believe this is because I know in the back of my mind I have the things scheduled in my calendar to cause me to win my big game. And that puts my mind at ease. 

Am I speaking to anyone? 

It’s necessary that we fulfill on our goals and dreams. If not we will die empty inside. And truth be told… Will actually be dead inside long before our physical death. 

So I challenge everyone right now to take on your goals and dreams. Take them on like you never have before. Go after what you want with all vigor and excitement for life. You have nothing to lose. 

Do this and you will discover things about yourself that you never knew. You will break through limitations and barriers that have held you back in areas of life that matter to you! 

Who’s in? 


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