Just Do it!



My thoughts today:

Success is not achieved in what we reap today; rather what we sow so that we can reap tomorrow. I was listening to a YouTube video this morning and this statement spoke to me. 

One of the reasons it spoke to me is because I was such a refusal to go to the gym this morning. I got up a minute before my alarm and started my routine and then I caught myself dragging when I got to the gym. About five minutes into being at the gym I created a new possibility for my work out and I then had the most incredible leg workout. What I created is the possibility of, “just do it!“

One of the things I discovered yesterday is that whenever I get tired whether in the morning or the middle of the day… That’s connected to me being refusal to do something I should be doing. To further elaborate I mean something I gave my “word“ to do. 

And, let me be clear… I’m not using the word “should“ like it’s bad or wrong if I don’t do it. It’s also not good if I do it either. What I’m actually doing is removing morality from the equation. 

It’s simply a lack of integrity against my bigger commitment that I say I want to fulfill on. 

This is why I think Nike’s slogan, “just do it!“ Is so brilliant... 

Now we can take a deeper look at sowing too. Who are the people that you’re sowing into today? What are the relationships that you’re adding value to? 

So here’s my challenge for everyone… Just do it! Whatever it is you said you would do… Just do it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to… It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t… It doesn’t matter if you’re tired… It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure as to whether it will work… None of that matters… Just do it! 

Who’s in?

Thank you following this new Blog.


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