Day 7 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!


Day 7 Of 100: Today is about staying on course. Anytime you’re racing toward a goal or dream it’s very important to continually check your Compass/Maps/GPS to ensure you are still headed the direction that you want to travel. 

Notice I didn’t say the right direction. You want to keep removing morality of these conversations. It’s simply the direction that YOU decided you wanted to go. It’s simply the goal that YOU said you wanted to accomplish. 

It’s also about knowing whether or not you will arrive at your destination on time. This will help you know if you need to adjust your speed or your route. This is why every goal needs a “by when.“ you also need a specific measurable results. Something you can measure in time and space. 

In today’s world filled with multi media/TV/all the other things in our life it’s very easy to be thrown off course just a tiny bit. And often times we don’t realize that we’re off course a little bit. We just say, “it’s just a small bit it’s ok. I just missed one day. I’ll do it tomorrow… It’s really not that big of a deal.” 

I was in the Navy and served in the Golf War. I had the job of driving the ship at one point so I’m going to use this as an analogy. If you’ve ever been sailing in a boat and find you are 1 or 2° off coarse that multiplies very fast. Even just 1 mile of being off course can be disastrous to a ship. 

I can remember the captain saying, “helmsman… mind your rudder.“ 

This is especially true for musicians and creative types. Often times we have creative minds that pull us in so many different directions. I believe it’s super important to really zero in on a particular destination. I’ve heard it said that, “if you aim at nothing that’s exactly what you’ll hit. NOTHING!” 

See, whether you’re on course of off course consider that you’re actually on the course that you set! Here’s another way to think about that. Consider your life is going exactly how you said it would go. 

This can be a very tough statement for someone who has areas in their life where they are not fulfilled in. Areas where passion, aliveness, and freedom or nonexistent. 

Think about this statement, “consider it’s always going how you say.“ This statement has you to be responsible for what you’re actually speaking out of your mouth. Especially the things you don’t even realize that you’re speaking. 

And these are the things that will throw us off course. So how do you stay on course? It’s actually very simple and I’m not going to tell you that it will be easy all the time. However, as YOU begin to build your belief muscles this will actually get much easier. There are many things I struggled with five years ago that I no longer struggle with anymore. And every time I conquer an area that I’ve been dealing with, a new one shows itself to me. 

Here’s my best suggestion for staying on course. You must pick a destination that “excites you!” 

If you are not absolutely enrolled, enlivened, lit up, and excited by your destination you will not do whatever it takes to get there. 

Let me repeat that again said another way. 

Without a compelling future to live into you will just continue to survive and get by in life. If you truly want to alter your life NOW it’s that simple. You must create a compelling future to live into and discover who you’d be being when that future is realized. This is your nourishment and fuel for staying on course. Anytime you get off course you must remind yourself of this exciting Destiination and what it will be like for you when you complete it. What body sensations will be there. How are you experience yourself? What will it feel like to complete your goal? 

Then go after that future like nobody’s business. Make NO your vitamin. Don’t listen to anybody who has anything negative to say. You just keep “standing in” that your future is already a done deal! 

Let me be very clear… There’s nothing wrong with the life that you have now. There’s nothing wrong… You have had this life your whole life and you been OK with it. And you’ve gotten by with it. And you continue to get by with it. 

However, there may be something more that you want in your life. And I’m inviting you to consider one access to that is to create a powerful future to live into and stay the course!!! 

Who’s in? 

I’d love to take some Sharing… 

What is the future you’re creating for yourself and your life? 

What do you see possible when is future is realized? 

And how will this creation allow you to contribute to the world? 


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