Day 6 Of 100 A Journey To Rescover Me


Day 6 of 100: we booked what is probably my biggest most important opportunity to play yesterday. More news about this coming soon! Trust me when I tell you it’s 
“BIG!” It’s almost as big as my shoulders LOL That was the workout for today. I did traps too. For those of you who don’t know that’s bodybuilding slang for the muscles that surround your neck. 

I want to start by acknowledging and thanking everyone who is following “This Journey...” some of you will get the inside pun. At least those who know my albums. 

I also want to acknowledge those of you who are creating and taking action on your own journey! That’s awesome. And those of you who are thinking about thinking about thinking about it. Take action and start today! Go! 

Today’s theme is about integrity. 

What would you say integrity is? 

What would you say it means to be a person of your word… A man or woman of integrity? 

Do you find that you keep your word and you agreements you give to other people but you sell out on yourself? 

Example: What’s one thing you told yourself you would do that you haven’t done yet? 

Do you think there’s a difference between the word you give yourself and the word you give someone else? 

What if it was all just a matter your word? 

One of the main reasons that I exercise every morning and share my journey the way I am is because it has integrity for me. Why? Because “I gave my word to do this.“ So since I gave “my word“ It would lack integrity if I didn’t do this every day. Or you can BE MY WORD! That’s an even deeper topic we could get into. What would you say it means to, “be your word?“ 

As you can see this integrity conversation can get very deep. And by the way I have learned to separate morality from integrity. In other words I’ve leaned to uncollapse the two. And this is very powerful when you can just look at your word as your word. What did you actually give your word to you and did you do what you actually said you would do? 

After all when you make a commitment to do something only one of two things will happen. 

1. You will either keep that word and do what you said by when you said you would do it. Or. 

2. You will not keep that word. It’s really that simple. 

It’s neither right or wrong or bad or good. You either did what you said you would do by when you said you would do it or you didn’t do what you said you would do by when you said you would do it. 

So here’s my challenge today. Go back to the last thing you told yourself you would do that you haven’t done and commit to a “by when“ you will have that done. 

Here’s my suggestion. If you share what you’re taking on with someone else it becomes very real. That’s why I share my journey daily. There’s a certain level of accountability there for me to actually do what I say I’m going to do. 

And oh by the way there’s another major piece to integrity! It’s not only about honoring your word which is an even deeper discussion. Integrity also consist of keeping present an empowering context. 

What does that look like for me it’s simple. 

It’s a lack of integrity for me not to relate to myself as a Grammy winning international recording superstar… Some of you might not be able to swallow that and I’ll be sharing more about this side of integrity in the days to come. 

Who’s in? 


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