Day 5 Of 100 A Journey To Redicover Me!


Day 5 Of 100: and I could say day 5 of life. I am very certain I’m building lifelong habits. And our future is determined by our habits. 

I was listening to John C Maxwell this morning and he made a statement that went like this. 

“Most people don’t lead their life they except their life.” 

What would you say the differences between leading your life and excepting your life? 

Are you leading your life or are you excepting your life and reacting to circumstances? 

This morning I’m working out in Alexandria Virginia at LA fitness. Why? Because I have a leadership training that starts at 10 AM out here in Alexandria. 

So what did that look like. I went to bed last night after reading the Bible. And then woke up at 5:30am to prepare myself so I could be here when they opened up and finish my work out as close to 915 as possible. This post too. 

I made the choice to do that. And I did the planning and the preparation to learn where this gym was and what time they opened up. 

And by the way I was working on stuff pretty late last night on my goals and dreams. I did it finally go to sleep until at least 1 AM. And 530 came and I got right up to start my routine. 

I don’t say this to brag. And I’m very excited about the habits I’m building and the believe muscles I’m building for what’s possible. God is awesome. 

There are times when I think this is a crazy idea. And sharing this on Facebook is not a good idea because I could fail… 

And daily I give that up. Soon as I wake up and write in my gratitude journal. I thank God and I give that up. And I thank God for another day. With God I will complete this journey. I believe the manufacture designed us for success. And the manual or discovering and operating in the laws Of success is “the Bible.“ 

So here’s my challenge for you today… It’s a question I’d like for you to ponder. 

Are you leading your life or excepting your life? 

Who’s in? 


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