Day 3 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!


Day 3 of 100: 

Today’s theme is “DO IT ANYWAY.” 

I did not feel like going to the gym this morning. There is something with my sinuses and my right ear... I’m just a little stuffy. 

And I went anyways!!! Why? For me it’s pretty simple. It would be a lack of integrity for me not to do it. I gave my word to exercising daily. And if I quit on myself then what does that say about “my word.“ This could be another discussion but I think many of us toss our word around and trash it. And I request we stop that immediately. 

And I’m so glad I went!!! I had the workout of my life today!!! I feel like the Creator rewarded me for DOING IT ANYWAY! He certainly sent encouragement my direction. 

There’s an older man in the gym who’s been training for 50 years and competed as a bodybuilder. He gave me some correction on my back workout. I’ve been developing a friendship with him and I asked him what could I do to create the “V.“ And the way he did it was so gentle. I didn’t feel made wrong one bit. 

And I’m clear after speaking with Joe for 25 minutes that his gift is “teaching.“ He loves sharing knowledge with people. As you know I’m so interested in discovering the gift that God has given each of us to deposit on this earth. 

And I’m clear that one gift God has given me is “Music.“ And I’m discovering that there are some other gifts that He’s given me to deposit on the earth too. And I believe one of them is motivational speaking. I truly believe I have a message of hope to bring to people. And I’m creatively looking for how to tie that in with my music career. I often think about how many kids in the eighth grade are overweight and the negative self talk is already eating them alive. 

Just to digress for a moment… I really did think about sleeping in today. My subconscious mind was trying to convince me that would be a good idea and that I earned a break and a day off. 

I woke up at 5:10 AM 20 minutes before my alarm. Then I laid in my bed until 530 when my alarm went off. I did get up right away and go live on Facebook and I did write in my gratitude journal right away and I was moving slow. I was so ready to cancel on my workout morning. No… That would be like canceling on my dreams! Bad idea!!! 

One of the practices I take after writing in my gratitude journal is listening to an empowering YouTube video. And I like the ones that cut to the chase and tell it straight like it is. No sugarcoating! 

This morning I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk talk about putting the work in. He talked about how successful people are rewarded in public for the daily habits that they do in private. He was asserting that NO ONE is ever really an overnight success. Nothing beats hard work. 

One thing I’m really coming to realize and discover on my journey is the value and importance of just stringing enough good days together. 

You can just start with one new daily habit and ad a new one every week. Or you can just go all out. 

I was listening to a video last week I forget who the speaker was and he said your future is determined by your habits. I’ve also heard Tony Robbins distinguish the difference between a should add a must. Some people think they should work out. And then they make themselves wrong when they don’t. And other people have their morning exercise routine as a “must.“ in other words it’s no other option but to be your word and exercise. 

So here’s my challenge today on Day 3 of my 100 Day journey. 


And for those of you who are waiting to start. My coaching to you is STOP!!! 

Who’s in?

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