Day 2 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!




Day 2 Of 100: 

What would say your LIFE PURPOSE is? 

In other words why are YOU HEAR? 

Do you believe God has a unique purpose/plan for your life? 

If so what is it? 

I remember very early in my life knowing I loved playing and making music. It started when I took a cello home in the 3rd grade. And here is how I made that decision. It looked like the girls gravitated towards the violin. And the double bass looked too big to carry on the bus. The cello looked about the size of my father’s guitar sort of. So I decided I would play that. 

About a year in my parents could see that I had a very natural God-given talent. And we purchased a handcrafted cello from a builder in Germany. I began taking lessons at the Peabody Conservatory. I loved playing cello. Might need to get an electric one!! Hmmm 

Pretty soon though I was trying to hold my cello sideways and my father asked me would you like to try playing the bass guitar. So on my 14th birthday or might’ve been my 13th birthday he bought me my very first Kramer Striker electric bass from Gordon Miller Music. I remember it was red and I had a maple neck. And I had this little 40 Watt Pevey AMP! 

I’m clear that I’ve done well over 3000 performances in my life time depending on what you would call a performance. 

I’ve been blessed with lots of wonderful memories making music with incredible musicians. I’ve been blessed to perform with, Earl Klugh, James Lloyd Lin Rountree Cedric Givens Paula Atherton Nick Colionne I could be tagging people all morning. And I’m very grateful to have performed with these incredible musicians. And I’m super grateful to everyone else that I didn’t tag also. 

And one memory sticks out to me as being really special. It was when my dad handed me his guitar and said I took it this far and it’s time for you to take it to the next level. You clearly have passed where I went and it’s time for you to go beyond. I think for any son it’s awesome when you have your fathers blessing. 

So today amidst rediscovering my LIFE PURPOSE I honor my Dad Dr. Arthur Falnes Davidsen World renowned astronomer and lover of great music. Lou Carvell I also honor my friend Lou Carvell (my dad‘s childhood buddy) who has taken the place of my Dad In many ways and made sure that I continue and press on with what there is for me to do on this earth. 

So I want to ask my question again: 

What would you say your LIFE PURPOSE is? 

And you on track to fulfill on it? 

Who’s in? 


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