Day 1 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!


Day 1 of 100: A Journey To Rediscover Me

And so my next journey begins... I’m very excited to see what GOD does over these next 100 Days! 

So why do I spend time in the gym every day? 

You know I started to write “so much time”’and I realized “so much” is a story. It’s just time. And I SEE this as valuable time!!! Life giving time. Grateful to be alive time. Creation time. Gratitude time. Fun time! 

See, context is key... How WE see it is how it is... Always!!! You can take this statement to the bank 100% of the time. And we have a choice every time in how we see something. 

Now back to my question about why I spend valuable precious time in the gym every day. It’s simple… In order to carry out the musical mission God is given me I must be in tiptop shape. 

As I prepare for my first big national multi city tour with Mark Andrew Zwartynski and band Backing me, this time in the gym in the morning is a must for me. We are going big all the way! 

Many of you know about my health testimony of removing over 110lbs. One thing I don’t think I share enough is that not only did my waist get skinnier but my fingers got skinnier. And that’s really helped me to play more intricate lines on the guitar. My fingers got stronger too. Also my mind God clear as I began to take the junk out of it. And not just the food but the emotional baggage from being overweight. 

So here’s my challenge today: Post you’re God given gift… What calls to you and has you jump out of bed in the morning excited? 

And I am inviting you to consider how having good health will fuel your gift that God has given you! 

Who’s in? 


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