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100 & Beyond...  


I've completed my 100 day journey. And now I am creating what's next. As far as my workouts are concerned I've been doing a lot of strength training. Heavy weights. I've been doing different variations on pull-ups too. I'm an BIG fan of body weight exercises. They're great for core strength. In between my daily visits to the gym I have also been writing a ton of new songs. This past 2 weeks I record 5 new ones in my studio here in Nashville. Remember you only have one body so treat it well. Tonight is burgers.  D :)

Day 7 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!  


Day 7 Of 100: Today is about staying on course. Anytime you’re racing toward a goal or dream it’s very important to continually check your Compass/Maps/GPS to ensure you are still headed the direction that you want to travel. 

Notice I didn’t say the right direction. You want to keep removing morality of these conversations. It’s simply the direction that YOU decided you wanted to go. It’s simply the goal that YOU said you wanted to accomplish. 

It’s also about knowing whether or not you will arrive at your destination on time. This will help you know if you need to adjust your speed or your route. This is why every goal needs a “by when.“ you also need a specific measurable results. Something you can measure in time and space. 

In today’s world filled with multi media/TV/all the other things in our life it’s very easy to be thrown off course just a tiny bit. And often times we don’t realize that we’re off course a little bit. We just say, “it’s just a small bit it’s ok. I just missed one day. I’ll do it tomorrow… It’s really not that big of a deal.” 

I was in the Navy and served in the Golf War. I had the job of driving the ship at one point so I’m going to use this as an analogy. If you’ve ever been sailing in a boat and find you are 1 or 2° off coarse that multiplies very fast. Even just 1 mile of being off course can be disastrous to a ship. 

I can remember the captain saying, “helmsman… mind your rudder.“ 

This is especially true for musicians and creative types. Often times we have creative minds that pull us in so many different directions. I believe it’s super important to really zero in on a particular destination. I’ve heard it said that, “if you aim at nothing that’s exactly what you’ll hit. NOTHING!” 

See, whether you’re on course of off course consider that you’re actually on the course that you set! Here’s another way to think about that. Consider your life is going exactly how you said it would go. 

This can be a very tough statement for someone who has areas in their life where they are not fulfilled in. Areas where passion, aliveness, and freedom or nonexistent. 

Think about this statement, “consider it’s always going how you say.“ This statement has you to be responsible for what you’re actually speaking out of your mouth. Especially the things you don’t even realize that you’re speaking. 

And these are the things that will throw us off course. So how do you stay on course? It’s actually very simple and I’m not going to tell you that it will be easy all the time. However, as YOU begin to build your belief muscles this will actually get much easier. There are many things I struggled with five years ago that I no longer struggle with anymore. And every time I conquer an area that I’ve been dealing with, a new one shows itself to me. 

Here’s my best suggestion for staying on course. You must pick a destination that “excites you!” 

If you are not absolutely enrolled, enlivened, lit up, and excited by your destination you will not do whatever it takes to get there. 

Let me repeat that again said another way. 

Without a compelling future to live into you will just continue to survive and get by in life. If you truly want to alter your life NOW it’s that simple. You must create a compelling future to live into and discover who you’d be being when that future is realized. This is your nourishment and fuel for staying on course. Anytime you get off course you must remind yourself of this exciting Destiination and what it will be like for you when you complete it. What body sensations will be there. How are you experience yourself? What will it feel like to complete your goal? 

Then go after that future like nobody’s business. Make NO your vitamin. Don’t listen to anybody who has anything negative to say. You just keep “standing in” that your future is already a done deal! 

Let me be very clear… There’s nothing wrong with the life that you have now. There’s nothing wrong… You have had this life your whole life and you been OK with it. And you’ve gotten by with it. And you continue to get by with it. 

However, there may be something more that you want in your life. And I’m inviting you to consider one access to that is to create a powerful future to live into and stay the course!!! 

Who’s in? 

I’d love to take some Sharing… 

What is the future you’re creating for yourself and your life? 

What do you see possible when is future is realized? 

And how will this creation allow you to contribute to the world? 


Day 6 Of 100 A Journey To Rescover Me 


Day 6 of 100: we booked what is probably my biggest most important opportunity to play yesterday. More news about this coming soon! Trust me when I tell you it’s 
“BIG!” It’s almost as big as my shoulders LOL That was the workout for today. I did traps too. For those of you who don’t know that’s bodybuilding slang for the muscles that surround your neck. 

I want to start by acknowledging and thanking everyone who is following “This Journey...” some of you will get the inside pun. At least those who know my albums. 

I also want to acknowledge those of you who are creating and taking action on your own journey! That’s awesome. And those of you who are thinking about thinking about thinking about it. Take action and start today! Go! 

Today’s theme is about integrity. 

What would you say integrity is? 

What would you say it means to be a person of your word… A man or woman of integrity? 

Do you find that you keep your word and you agreements you give to other people but you sell out on yourself? 

Example: What’s one thing you told yourself you would do that you haven’t done yet? 

Do you think there’s a difference between the word you give yourself and the word you give someone else? 

What if it was all just a matter your word? 

One of the main reasons that I exercise every morning and share my journey the way I am is because it has integrity for me. Why? Because “I gave my word to do this.“ So since I gave “my word“ It would lack integrity if I didn’t do this every day. Or you can BE MY WORD! That’s an even deeper topic we could get into. What would you say it means to, “be your word?“ 

As you can see this integrity conversation can get very deep. And by the way I have learned to separate morality from integrity. In other words I’ve leaned to uncollapse the two. And this is very powerful when you can just look at your word as your word. What did you actually give your word to you and did you do what you actually said you would do? 

After all when you make a commitment to do something only one of two things will happen. 

1. You will either keep that word and do what you said by when you said you would do it. Or. 

2. You will not keep that word. It’s really that simple. 

It’s neither right or wrong or bad or good. You either did what you said you would do by when you said you would do it or you didn’t do what you said you would do by when you said you would do it. 

So here’s my challenge today. Go back to the last thing you told yourself you would do that you haven’t done and commit to a “by when“ you will have that done. 

Here’s my suggestion. If you share what you’re taking on with someone else it becomes very real. That’s why I share my journey daily. There’s a certain level of accountability there for me to actually do what I say I’m going to do. 

And oh by the way there’s another major piece to integrity! It’s not only about honoring your word which is an even deeper discussion. Integrity also consist of keeping present an empowering context. 

What does that look like for me it’s simple. 

It’s a lack of integrity for me not to relate to myself as a Grammy winning international recording superstar… Some of you might not be able to swallow that and I’ll be sharing more about this side of integrity in the days to come. 

Who’s in? 


Day 5 Of 100 A Journey To Redicover Me! 


Day 5 Of 100: and I could say day 5 of life. I am very certain I’m building lifelong habits. And our future is determined by our habits. 

I was listening to John C Maxwell this morning and he made a statement that went like this. 

“Most people don’t lead their life they except their life.” 

What would you say the differences between leading your life and excepting your life? 

Are you leading your life or are you excepting your life and reacting to circumstances? 

This morning I’m working out in Alexandria Virginia at LA fitness. Why? Because I have a leadership training that starts at 10 AM out here in Alexandria. 

So what did that look like. I went to bed last night after reading the Bible. And then woke up at 5:30am to prepare myself so I could be here when they opened up and finish my work out as close to 915 as possible. This post too. 

I made the choice to do that. And I did the planning and the preparation to learn where this gym was and what time they opened up. 

And by the way I was working on stuff pretty late last night on my goals and dreams. I did it finally go to sleep until at least 1 AM. And 530 came and I got right up to start my routine. 

I don’t say this to brag. And I’m very excited about the habits I’m building and the believe muscles I’m building for what’s possible. God is awesome. 

There are times when I think this is a crazy idea. And sharing this on Facebook is not a good idea because I could fail… 

And daily I give that up. Soon as I wake up and write in my gratitude journal. I thank God and I give that up. And I thank God for another day. With God I will complete this journey. I believe the manufacture designed us for success. And the manual or discovering and operating in the laws Of success is “the Bible.“ 

So here’s my challenge for you today… It’s a question I’d like for you to ponder. 

Are you leading your life or excepting your life? 

Who’s in? 


Day 4 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me! 


Day 4 Of 100: WHY? 

Today’s theme is very simple it’s all about discovering your “WHY.” 

I remember a few years ago when I was dabbling in network marketing (that’s a story for another time…) I really learned about the power of “WHY.” And just to be clear. One thing I discovered in the last several years is I was doing that and avoiding being who God called me to be. Nothing wrong I just got a little bit off course. And I’m grateful to my time there as I discovered so much about what it takes to accomplish a big goal and a big dream. Thank you Julius Weems Shellie D. Weems 

During that began to see how when we have a big enough why the how is not really that important. We really actually don’t need to know how we’re going to accomplish it. The HOW will actually come out of our WHY. 

Think about it. President Kennedy made that statement about getting a man on the moon before Russia. Right on national TV. And all the sudden we were propelled into how are we going to do this? 

I remember early on in my music career I was standing outside of a restaurant with a friend of mine and I said him I want to be on the radio. Really be on national radio… And my friend said it doesn’t work that way you can’t just say you want to be on the radio and get on there. 

And I understand where he was going with that. He was wanting the best for me and wanting me to know that there were certain things that had to be in place to do that. 

And even though that maybe true I remembered my friend Keith Mohr telling me a statement, “great content finds a way!“ And I knew in that moment that I could get on the radio with a great song. And I began to create why I wanted to be on the radio. And within two years I had a top 20 billboard single. I had the number one song on Water Colors XM radio. Astro! 

For one I really wan to amplify the gifts God has given me and share them and Him with as many people as possible. Well, one way to do that as an artist is to be on the radio. And, I’m aware that not every artist is meant to be on the radio. It really does take something to land a single on the radio and then to have it chart on billboard the way my first single Astro did. And I’m super blessed and grateful to God for every door and relationship He moved to have that happen. 

And I want to get back to my question about “WHY?” 

I was listening to Tony Robbins this morning and he put it in a different perspective for me. I’ve heard it before but I heard it newly today. 

His point is that people are moved into action either by pleasure or by pain. I can see in my radio example with Astro there was a exciting vision of what it would be like to be on the radio. That was the pleasure side of it. 

And then there was the pain side. Really dealing with...what if I don’t go for everything God gave me to do a handle on this earth? 

And when you’re dealing with the pain side it’s important to look at the cost. I knew that if I never tried I would always have a sense of what if? 

These days I would much rather go for it and discover something then give up before even trying… 

So now let’s look at some of my why’s. Why do I do music? Why do I play guitar? Why do I sing? Why do I work out every day? Why do I participate in leadership training and developing? Why do I make these daily posts? Why do I write in my gratitude journal every day? Why, why, why, why, why? 

Let me address the music side of things first. And I’m going to connect the dots between my fitness journey and my journey of mind body and spirit with my music. 

Here is why I play music. I love it! There is no better feeling in the world for me and being on stage making music with great musicians and sharing it with the world. I love the reactions on peoples faces when I play a song and it lift their spirits… I love all of that. I love the ability to create in the moment and invent a guitar solo right then and play something that I have never played before. I love doing that. 

I can’t see myself doing anything else but that. And anytime playing guitar get mundane for me I have to reevaluate and come back and fall in love again. And I’ve had to do this before. It can get ordinary sometimes. 

Another thing I really love about performing is the opportunity to meet new people all around the world. And especially to meet new musicians whi are creating too. I just love all of it! 

I remember early on in my career playing a little hotel in Baltimore and they were five people there all night long. This woman was so impressed with my show. She said you were playing this concert like they were 500 people here. 

And that’s just what I’ve been doing for so long. There could be five people there could be 50 people there could be 5000 people I just love playing and sharing music with people. It’s like a natural high for me. As you can see I could go on with this all day… 

So why exercise every morning? Well I would say why not? 
Here is my big “WHY“ for this. I am really committed that people take back and gain control of their health and their lives. I am a real demand that people have power and freedom and full self expression in their life and that they’re able to go after whatever they want. 

I need to be very clear here. There’s nothing wrong with the way anyone is living. And if we’re honest I think we can all find areas of our life that may not be firing on all cylinders. I think we can all find an area in our life that we would like to expand on. 

This is what keeps me going and exercising and sharing. It’s a real commitment to others. And I do like the way I look to! I think it’s great to take my shirt off and be excited and happy about my body why not? 

There’s always the other alternative which I used to do. And that’s drinking soda and eating double burgers from the Sunoco gas station and making myself wrong and being disempowered about my weight and not really enjoying my life to the MAX. 

NEWS FLASH: I don’t think that’s a real great way to live… Nothing wrong but I’m not going back to that life! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! As you may have picked up those were some dark times 12 years ago. 

No why do I keep sharing about personal growth and development. And why do I keep sharing about this three day and evening course called “the landmark forum?” That’s a very simple why. 

That three day and evening course rocked my world. My life was going in one direction and that course altered the direction of my life. And every time I share two things happen. 

First I get reminded of what that course actually did for me. Second I get to give that opportunity to someone else. And that’s really moving and humbling. I’ve had many people take that course before and on Sunday night they’ve been crying with joy because they completed on something that was dragging them down in their lives. It’s a very humbling moving experience to give the gift of the landmark forum to someone else. They don’t pay me I don’t work for them I don’t get a toaster of someone does that course. 

So to me here’s my thought for today. I can see what my great big WHY is? 

There’s no other greater joy for me and giving someone else the tools to be successful in accomplish their goals and dreams. That to me is a real moving way to live. 

So here’s my challenge for you today… What is something that you want to accomplish in your life? And WHY do you want to accomplish it? 

Who’s in? 


Day 3 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!  


Day 3 of 100: 

Today’s theme is “DO IT ANYWAY.” 

I did not feel like going to the gym this morning. There is something with my sinuses and my right ear... I’m just a little stuffy. 

And I went anyways!!! Why? For me it’s pretty simple. It would be a lack of integrity for me not to do it. I gave my word to exercising daily. And if I quit on myself then what does that say about “my word.“ This could be another discussion but I think many of us toss our word around and trash it. And I request we stop that immediately. 

And I’m so glad I went!!! I had the workout of my life today!!! I feel like the Creator rewarded me for DOING IT ANYWAY! He certainly sent encouragement my direction. 

There’s an older man in the gym who’s been training for 50 years and competed as a bodybuilder. He gave me some correction on my back workout. I’ve been developing a friendship with him and I asked him what could I do to create the “V.“ And the way he did it was so gentle. I didn’t feel made wrong one bit. 

And I’m clear after speaking with Joe for 25 minutes that his gift is “teaching.“ He loves sharing knowledge with people. As you know I’m so interested in discovering the gift that God has given each of us to deposit on this earth. 

And I’m clear that one gift God has given me is “Music.“ And I’m discovering that there are some other gifts that He’s given me to deposit on the earth too. And I believe one of them is motivational speaking. I truly believe I have a message of hope to bring to people. And I’m creatively looking for how to tie that in with my music career. I often think about how many kids in the eighth grade are overweight and the negative self talk is already eating them alive. 

Just to digress for a moment… I really did think about sleeping in today. My subconscious mind was trying to convince me that would be a good idea and that I earned a break and a day off. 

I woke up at 5:10 AM 20 minutes before my alarm. Then I laid in my bed until 530 when my alarm went off. I did get up right away and go live on Facebook and I did write in my gratitude journal right away and I was moving slow. I was so ready to cancel on my workout morning. No… That would be like canceling on my dreams! Bad idea!!! 

One of the practices I take after writing in my gratitude journal is listening to an empowering YouTube video. And I like the ones that cut to the chase and tell it straight like it is. No sugarcoating! 

This morning I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk talk about putting the work in. He talked about how successful people are rewarded in public for the daily habits that they do in private. He was asserting that NO ONE is ever really an overnight success. Nothing beats hard work. 

One thing I’m really coming to realize and discover on my journey is the value and importance of just stringing enough good days together. 

You can just start with one new daily habit and ad a new one every week. Or you can just go all out. 

I was listening to a video last week I forget who the speaker was and he said your future is determined by your habits. I’ve also heard Tony Robbins distinguish the difference between a should add a must. Some people think they should work out. And then they make themselves wrong when they don’t. And other people have their morning exercise routine as a “must.“ in other words it’s no other option but to be your word and exercise. 

So here’s my challenge today on Day 3 of my 100 Day journey. 


And for those of you who are waiting to start. My coaching to you is STOP!!! 

Who’s in?

Day 2 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me! 




Day 2 Of 100: 

What would say your LIFE PURPOSE is? 

In other words why are YOU HEAR? 

Do you believe God has a unique purpose/plan for your life? 

If so what is it? 

I remember very early in my life knowing I loved playing and making music. It started when I took a cello home in the 3rd grade. And here is how I made that decision. It looked like the girls gravitated towards the violin. And the double bass looked too big to carry on the bus. The cello looked about the size of my father’s guitar sort of. So I decided I would play that. 

About a year in my parents could see that I had a very natural God-given talent. And we purchased a handcrafted cello from a builder in Germany. I began taking lessons at the Peabody Conservatory. I loved playing cello. Might need to get an electric one!! Hmmm 

Pretty soon though I was trying to hold my cello sideways and my father asked me would you like to try playing the bass guitar. So on my 14th birthday or might’ve been my 13th birthday he bought me my very first Kramer Striker electric bass from Gordon Miller Music. I remember it was red and I had a maple neck. And I had this little 40 Watt Pevey AMP! 

I’m clear that I’ve done well over 3000 performances in my life time depending on what you would call a performance. 

I’ve been blessed with lots of wonderful memories making music with incredible musicians. I’ve been blessed to perform with, Earl Klugh, James Lloyd Lin Rountree Cedric Givens Paula Atherton Nick Colionne I could be tagging people all morning. And I’m very grateful to have performed with these incredible musicians. And I’m super grateful to everyone else that I didn’t tag also. 

And one memory sticks out to me as being really special. It was when my dad handed me his guitar and said I took it this far and it’s time for you to take it to the next level. You clearly have passed where I went and it’s time for you to go beyond. I think for any son it’s awesome when you have your fathers blessing. 

So today amidst rediscovering my LIFE PURPOSE I honor my Dad Dr. Arthur Falnes Davidsen World renowned astronomer and lover of great music. Lou Carvell I also honor my friend Lou Carvell (my dad‘s childhood buddy) who has taken the place of my Dad In many ways and made sure that I continue and press on with what there is for me to do on this earth. 

So I want to ask my question again: 

What would you say your LIFE PURPOSE is? 

And you on track to fulfill on it? 

Who’s in? 


Day 1 Of 100 A Journey To Rediscover Me!  


Day 1 of 100: A Journey To Rediscover Me

And so my next journey begins... I’m very excited to see what GOD does over these next 100 Days! 

So why do I spend time in the gym every day? 

You know I started to write “so much time”’and I realized “so much” is a story. It’s just time. And I SEE this as valuable time!!! Life giving time. Grateful to be alive time. Creation time. Gratitude time. Fun time! 

See, context is key... How WE see it is how it is... Always!!! You can take this statement to the bank 100% of the time. And we have a choice every time in how we see something. 

Now back to my question about why I spend valuable precious time in the gym every day. It’s simple… In order to carry out the musical mission God is given me I must be in tiptop shape. 

As I prepare for my first big national multi city tour with Mark Andrew Zwartynski and band Backing me, this time in the gym in the morning is a must for me. We are going big all the way! 

Many of you know about my health testimony of removing over 110lbs. One thing I don’t think I share enough is that not only did my waist get skinnier but my fingers got skinnier. And that’s really helped me to play more intricate lines on the guitar. My fingers got stronger too. Also my mind God clear as I began to take the junk out of it. And not just the food but the emotional baggage from being overweight. 

So here’s my challenge today: Post you’re God given gift… What calls to you and has you jump out of bed in the morning excited? 

And I am inviting you to consider how having good health will fuel your gift that God has given you! 

Who’s in?