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Closer To Launch!  

It's getting very exciting around here! This came in from TinderBox who is handing my radio promo for my new compilation "It's Time." I'm honored to be working with these guys. They have made many artists careers before. PINK and Johnny Lang to name a few. Don't for get about our contest. Take a picture of my music on the radio during Dec 10 and the end of February and tag me in it. We're giving away some cool stuff including a limited addition Drew Davidsen BOX SET which will include a Signed Copy if "It's Time."


Thank You Atlana  

We had a great time in Atlanta Performing at Eddies Attic. Here is some footage from our show. I have to personally thank Mz Drummer for putting this stellar group of musicians together for me. They did an amazing job and are now inducted nto my new band. Look for our next performance coming very soon. The maiden voyage was a huge success. Don't forget the only way to get my new CD It's Time is at live shows. Next up for me I'm traveling to MD to do a show with Alexa Givens. I wrote and arranged songs on her new EP Back To You. I played guitar on it as well. Hope to see you on the road. D


I'm enjoying living in TN. Nashville is a great town filled with so many great people. And so many great song writers as well as well as other industry people. The other night I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Alex Heiche founder of a company that works with artists to ensure we get everything we are supposed to get. His company is very innovative. The best part is how BIG his heart for artists and creative people is. There were some very cool artists who dropped by too. Including a former bass player from the band Arrested Development. Remember that group? What a blast from the past. Anyhow I'm getting closer to the release of FLASHBACK SEVENTEEN. We are working out the radio promo and distribution channels. I'm praying in the nest 2 weeks we can nail this down.



Inducted into Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame!  

I'm so excited to have been inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame! There were so many great Baltimore/MD legends at the Gala. Truly an honor... Looking forward to an incredible gig coming up in Texas where we are launching my new National Tour. Thank you. Drew


Thank You Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival!  

I had the best time at the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival. The whole festival and all the volunteers where so welcoming to me and my music. I'm happy to announce that I have been invited back for next year as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. And they're doing in style with 10 days packed full of great jazz shows. The dates are October 11-20 2019.

Thank you Denny and Bing... Thank you Larry too!


My mentor Nick put a clinic on...



Look who I bumped into on the boardwalk...



Congratulations to Matt Marshack for winning Rehoboth Jazz Fest Artist of the year!




Kicking of Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest!  

Fans make the difference. You guys asked for me and... This is a post from the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Fest!

Remember when so many of you #RBJazzFest fans told us, right here in these comments, that you would love to see Drew Davidsen perform at our event this year?

Well, guess who is coming to beautiful SoDel in less than two weeks?! Not only is Drew coming to the #RBJazzFest, he's going to be the FIRST artist to perform the entire weekend! Our festival kickoff party is going down at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Rehoboth Beach by Marriott Rehoboth Beach right on coastal highway from 4:30-6:00 on Thursday evening, October 11th! Don't worry about the price of admission, we wanted to do something special for our fans who not only support us through the entire festival, but throughout the year and who beat the drum for Drew to be a part of our festival, so the party and the tunes are on us! We all can't wait to see you in less then 10 days...


I hope to see you there... Drew

BIG Waves! single has been curated by Reverb Nation!  

I very excited to tell you this. This is an email I received today after loading up my song up less the 24 hrs ago.


Nice work! Your song Your Love is Raining Down on Me  caught our attention and has made its way to the headphones of our Senior Curators. Curation is the first step towards career-changing artist development programs such as label deals, festival slots, and more. Not every song gets heard by Senior Curators, so give yourself a pat on the back!

Many thanks for being a part of the ReverbNation community, now go share your accomplishment with the world!