The Human Race Update  

My new EP The Human Race will be dropping in the next 2 weeks. When the pandemic hit I quickly took to the my guitar and a pen. It started with one song I wrote called The Human Race. For those of you who really know me I never just have one song. 'm a songwriter junky. lol I'm excited to say it's now 8 delicious tracks. This new music has been a real exploration into not only my guitar playing but also my songwriting, production, my voice, and my lyrical writing. I was listening to the entire EP last night for the first time uninterrupted and I got swept away by my own music. That's when I know it's done. I used my VOX guitar and my Martin guitar. These are my two staples. I have to thank Cedric Gives for mastering work he did on this EP. I also want to thank Dr. Acosta for his help mixing this new EP. And I want tp tank you guys for being great friends and fans. Music is a powerful tool that CAN and WILL change the world. #thehumanrace 




I'm very excited to announce the release of my new EP THE HUMAN RACE. Look for it in the next 2 weeks. We are loading everything up online right now. When covid first hit the scene I took right to the pen and my guitar. And then cam the tragic incident with George Flyod. For me I believe that music is a powerful tool that can and will change the world. The Human Race is a collection of songs inspired by the possibility of love. The title track started as an inquiry into everything happening. One thing I took away from all this is that I am not an expert in the area of racism. I mean I think I know stuff. And, I actually took on that I have no idea how it is for anyone of dark skin. I grew up in home where we were taught to love everyone. There was never any judgment in our house. I have also played with musicians of all colors from all over the world. And I still will never know what it's really like to have a concern for the color of my skin. This inquiry was the starting point for this new EP. One Thing I'm committed to is making a difference in the world. I'm committed to causing a new conversation for what it means for us human beings to be a human being. I am committed to people being heard and to causing real authentic communication. Even if we don't agree on all points. Music is a powerful thing! D